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By ShaneP

So what am I looking at in the film? Are they full cg heads? Smoothed out projection of the actors onto a captured performance?
Old man shouts at sky.
"Get off my lawn..." :P
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By ShaneP
Ian talks about de-aging the DeNiro: ... g-de-niro/

1700+ vfx shots in the film, including CG windshields when they are driving. No keyframe animation. No tracking markers on any of the actors at any time.

I really hope Scorsese tackles Sinatra next. He was discussing that film with Pablo before they made The Irishman so hopefully they make that one.
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By ShaneP
Now it's more clear..Thanks Shane for posting the articles. So they are actually fully cg heads of the actors and , if i understood correctly, sometimes also the shoulders?
Yes sometimes they did body parts depending on the shot.