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They obviously also did Agent Carter recently but BSG?? I know everyone on the show was ILM but that was surely after they closed their doors having finished A New Hope and Apogee strung up out of their ashes! 😁
Yeah BSG was Apogee and post-Van Nuys ILM so it was this weird in-between era when the crew was virtually the same as the ILM Star Wars one but George didn't fund it as an ILM show. You could call it an unofficial-ILM show or a proto-Apogee one. :lol:

After that, Muren, Edlund, etc moved up to Marin.
I thought the Apogee name didn't come up till ALTERED STATES, but yeah, it was the Apogee group plus the keys from ILM who then went north. T

hat's a particular story point in my script on the formation of ILM that focuses on this, since Edlund telling Dykstra he isn't staying down there is kind of a cleaving moment. I'm thinking it could play like the end of a western where the compatriots head their separate ways, but then again, I think of almost everything in terms of westerns ...

Muren felt his BSG work was some of the best stuff yet, better than a lot of SW in terms of moves (he shot that thing where the three cylon raiders do a little flip as they go away descending toward the planet.)