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ShaneP wrote:Kmartian? PaulILMfan?

What say you Trekkers?

edit: Does this mean Kurtzman's Universal classic monsters DARK UNIVERSE cinematic universe is dead?
Zero interest in any of this Trek TV series. DSC to me is the worse Trek project they have ever slapped the Trek name on. How it ever got a Season 2 is mind boggling to me! The VFX are really cheap looking & badly designed as well but the characters are just so unlikeable & the PC casting angle is too forced & awkward.

Looks like 2 more Trek movies (with the current movie crew) are moving forward. The Tarantino one is due after Trek 4 so I am looking forward to see how those turn out as my next Trek fix! I prefer mega budget Trek on the big screen with big sound. If they can make a decent Beyond sequel with a similar budget then it should be well worth seeing as long as they get DN back for the VFX work! ... tino-trek/ ... -clarkson/ ... velopment/

Nick Meyer's Khan prequel 3 episode TV series is on hold until CBS & Paramount resolve their takeover issues. ... y-on-hold/

Finally on Trek..... Bob Peak's classic STMP poster (I have an original somewhere from the early 1980s!) is getting a new release (this poster also cameos in the final scene of Ready Player One!). ... art-print/
Well I'm not up to speed on what's going on with Trek development, but I just finished Discovery and thought it was...alright? I found it visually quite ugly and never really engaged with the characters, and I still don't know what the ship actually looks like, no clear beauty shots to grab the eye. But it passed 13 hours of my life away, so I guess that's a thing.

Honestly, I prefered the pastiche of Orville, though its not a way forward for trek to go.
That was my wife's takeaway on DISCOVERY, almost word for word, and not too far away from mine. It didn't cost us anything but time because it was on a free trial, and it passed the time, but there's way too much good stuff out there to invest even in something this unspecial. And when it was bad, it was very bad (am thinking of the Emperor ship VFX and the hokey/fast wrapups to major plot issues.)

Plus as a person heavily into TOS (and DS9), I just don't see how you get to the start of TOS in a few years from where they're at now, just going by all this seasson's war stuff that doesn't jive with Trek history.
Kmart, you mean you're not going to immediately sign up to the new channel? :D

I agree about the plot resolutions. It was only two days ago that I saw the final episode and I cannot recall at all what the hell happened. I thought it was over initially when they left the mirror universe, but on it went. And I'm not usually one to worry about fictional timelines, but in this case it does feel so drastically removed from the thing I already enjoyed (TOS) that I too dread whatever contrived explanation the writers come up with to connect the dots. I know time moves on and it has to look like a modern style show, but did it have to be so drastically divergent.

Curious about your thoughts on Orville? I seem to recall you not caring for TNG, so it's "homage" probably doesn't hold much water with you. But for a cheap looking and unfunny show, I find myself quite liking it.
I think I've weighed in on ORVILLE on some thread here ... in spite of the TNG feel, I very much enjoy it. The first couple of episodes I felt were very rough, forced and unfunny, but once they started telling real stories and including humor in a less heavy handed way (well, some of the time anyway), I started digging it. The plotting still feels very old-fashioned, and Seth is not leading man material, but it succeeds on charm, even with all the terribly anachronistic references. And I love that they do downer endings, like the thing with Bortus' kid.

I really wish they were doing 22 or 24 a year, because then they'd have to look for outside material, and I gotta tell you, nearly all of the material I worked up for TNG would still work on this show (probably better in some instances. ) Plus I really think they should do a takeoff on ALL ABOUT EVE with some scheming Shelby-type (blonde woman after Riker's job in the Borg 2 parter) angling to replace the ex-wife.
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