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Mission: Impossible Fallout- trailer is also coming very soon probably Superbowl Sunday again! ... e-fallout/
Enjoyed Rogue Nation so I will be seeing this one.
Me too loved that movie! Christopher McQuarrie is such a talented screenwriter & director I hope he gets to work more often. He is also still here in London shooting MIF stunts with Cruise
So I watched THE SNOWMAN. I heard it was a trainwreck of a murder mystery and had a lead character named Harry Hole, so naturally, I was intrigued.

And my sources were correct. This movie was a mess. It seemed like a 10-hour movie condensed into just under two. The original script probably had so many plots going on, they couldn't possibly put them in one average-length movie. But rather than take plot lines out entirely, they just decided to splice together fragments of all of them...and the movie made no sense.

This movie was executive produced by Martin fucking Scorsese and edited by his long-time collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker. You'd think both of them would want their names taken off the credits. Hell, even director Tomas Alfredson would've been better off taking the Alan Smithee pseudonym.

And to think, this movie didn't get one Razzle nomination. Seriously, I think it's time to stop pounding on TRANSFORMERS movies that we now expect to be awful and give something like this a slot.
Make you wonder sometimes what happens to films when they have all of those unresolved plot lines kept in. Probably removing one forces removal of another and so forth until the whole thing fall apart.
They really need to come up with a separate title for people who sponsor films besides Exec. Producer. I know Lucas and Spielberg both used the "Presents" title but some of these films have small armies of Exec. Producers now and many times that's for financing.
Trailer for Duncan Jones' Mute:


The cityscapes look more Blade Runner than Blade Runner 2049.

And...BTS featurette for Annihilation talking about the "shimmer", which is this barrier or obstruction that people go into and don't return. features the cast talking about it.

Looks cool. DNeg is doing the vfx.
Interesting until I see the trade that wrote it.


So a VR company creates a virtual young Shat and now Shat wants back in?

Sounds like DailyFAIL is creating a story around his comments without any real story of JJ and Co. actually creating a younger Shat or even suggesting he might be involved.

Thom Yorke was so right.
Watched 1st hour of ALTERED CARBON tonight. Not trying to overhype it, but I felt at times like I was back loving a first viewing of APOCALYPSE NOW or THE MATRIX.

Show does have a problem -- everything seems very colloquial contemporary (almost like Seth McFarlane in that way) for a show set centuries ahead.

But except for one piece of casting, I'm much impressed, so much so that I think I'm going to try to space out viewing rather than binging.

Have heard that most people think it is just a BLADE RUNNER ripoff, but I think there's more to it. Be interested in hearing folks weigh in about it.
Well James Purefoy is in it so I'll be watching.

Mother! by Aronofsky. What can I say? The movie appears a mess. I wondered watching it though if it wasn't as much about Lawrences' and Aronofsky's relationship? Lawrence said this movie marked the end of them as a couple. There are moments in this movie where her character is practically pleading with Bardem's to send these people away and return to a simpler life. Maybe it is about fame and being in the public eye and how that can destroy a relationship?
I'm probably reading too much into it and it's maybe just a mess of a movie top to bottom. But I couldn't help thinking about the fictional couple in front of the camera and the one between Lawrence and Aronofsky when it was made.
It was worth a watch even if I don't feel compelled to see it again. Interesting.
I can never firm up an opinion on Aronofsky, because my responses to his films are quite varied. I thought Pi was wonderful (still do), and thought there was great value (though no rewatchability) in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. I was so bitterly disappointed he was aced out of the BATMAN reboot that I fully intended to boycott BATMAN BEGINS, but fortunately my wife talked me out of that call.

I fell asleep in the theater during THE FOUNTAIN, a movie I had very eagerly anticipated, and have fallen asleep on it at home too.

THE WRESTLER didn't grab me at all, though I loved BLACK SWAN. I was so disgusted by the NOAH article not happening (after conducting seven interviews for it, but before finding out the DP couldn't talk to me and that VFX wouldn't) that I haven't ever even bothered to see that one, and I'm on the fence about MOTHER, which was something (like ALTERED CARBON) that I pitched w/o success to a few magazines. If it proves obscure, maybe it will be obscure in that maddening-but-fun way TWIN PEAKS gets, which is something that works for me.

I guess what I'm saying is that if I get a rent-one-get-one-free offer from redbox, I'll be watching MOTHER quite soon.
It's funny because there is something about Lynch's work. When the trailer for the new show started, there was no indication what it was yet I immediately sensed it was Twin Peaks or something David Lynch. I haven't watched the original in years but his shows are so distinctive just seeing the shots in the trailer it seemed "oh this must be something Lynch". I didn't even see McLachlan in the trailer.
slow subjective camera on a Z-axis seen with a series of dissolves, all with brooding music under, interspersed with subliminal flashes of electro-weirdness is probably a quick recipe for 'Lynch feel.'

I had an idea for a TWIN PEAKS short several years back, because we live within spitting distance of a rotting train car that looks like where Laura Palmer died, and there are spooky woods right next to that (oddly enough, this is all within a 1/2 mile of two freeways, and yet still there are moose you see on main streets here every couple of years. Damned if I can figure where they hang out.)

Plus, I know the guy who plays the One Armed Man actually lives within a few miles of me (ran across him at the supermarket ten years ago.) But I couldn't find anybody local who wanted to shoot a little movie -- plus I had no equipment, having let my Super-8 stuff go when we moved to Oregon.

Damn,I just realized that except for some in-camera fx tests I did in the early 90s, it has been nearly 30 years since I shot film. How the hell did I lose half my life without having to do prison time? Gonna have to get off the boards for awhile, this is going to require a major life reevaluation.
Damn,I just realized that except for some in-camera fx tests I did in the early 90s, it has been nearly 30 years since I shot film. How the hell did I lose half my life without having to do prison time? Gonna have to get off the boards for awhile, this is going to require a major life reevaluation.
Tell me about it. I'm still trying to figure out why time seems to speed up as we go.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
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