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I think the Genie looks quite good. Is he completely CGI or just his body? Social media is whining about it enough, which would suggest he is all CG, but the same basement dwellers bitched about CGI that turned out to be practical.
My guess is that it's more-or-less Will Smith's real face composited onto a digital body. Maybe it's a digital scan of Will's face at most? I could be totally wrong. Honestly, the methods are blending so much that you can't even confidently say "THAT is practical and THIS is digital" these days. Unless you're an armchair expert on the internet who's watched some movies - then you have the knowledge and expertise to judge.

But yeah, I get a good chuckle out of all of the people who suddenly feel like their childhood is ruined or that Robin Williams is being disrespected. :roll: The memes are flooding forth and, as usual, people are complaining about the CGI (I even saw one that grouped together Will Smith Genie, Justice League's awful moustache removal on Superman, the digital Dwayne Johnson from The Scorpion King and the 2003 Hulk as "The Four Horsemen of the CGIpocalypse").

Whether or not this movie will be good or look good remains to be seen, but the overreactions about remaking a classic are eye-rolling.
But then again, i don't know wich tech they are using: building in 3d the younger version of the actors a la Arnold in the last Terminator movie, or Tarkin in Rogue One, or the more common de-aging technology used in the last Marvel Movies? I only hope the final result won't be like Will Smith in Aladdin:))
I'm not certain which route they are taking for The Irishman. I would suspect they are going the full CG character route ala Rogue One and all their other films. To my knowledge, they have yet to do a de-aging technique with live action footage of actors ala LOLA for the Marvel films. ILM seems to enjoy the challenge of a full 3D effect rather than a 2D like LOLA uses.

We will have to wait and see.
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