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By vfx fan
I saw Dragonfly tonight, despite the average and sometimes poor reviews, I thought it was a great ghost story, with several frightening moments without blood and gore, which I also like. Although not that fx heavy, there were a few shots that were noticable. Double Negative handled the bulk of the effects while Illusion Arts farmed in a few. Aside from the angel effects, Dragonfly contained very little noticable effects, but judging by the amount of credits there were in the fx department, there were probably more that I didn't see. Other effects shots consisted of matte paintings, some of which were very obvious. Some of the compositing was a little off, but I did enjoy the film overall. I enjoy a psychological thriller with a twisted ending, and Dragonfly had a pretty decent one. A good job by Kevin Costner, although I haven't seen most of his movies, mainly because they are not of my interest. Director Tom Shadyac, who previously directed comedies, two of which feature Jim Carrey, did a fine job on directing a more dramatic project. Dragonfly may not be a masterpiece, but it sure beats having to see a thriller or horror film that relies on gore, with the exception of the Silence of the Lambs.


The most memorable trailer was that of Panic Room. David Fincher's action-thriller with Jodie Foster. For sure, I know that BUF Compagnie is working on the project, but I'll have to double check over at Cinefex. There was one cool shot where the camera zooms out in between the stair railings, into the kitchen, through a coffee pot handle among other things. It kind of reminded me of a few shots in What Lies Beneath. I look forward to seeing Panic Room.

Well, I'll probably go to see the Time Machine in a couple of weeks, so I will have another review then. Auf Wiedersien, as they say in Germany! :wink:

I'd also like to add that there was a special Universal logo celebrating the 20th Anniversary of E.T. The music was different and it featured the E.T. bicycle flying across the Earth.

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