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The long in development Gemini Man now has a teaser. Starring Will Smith and with vfx by Weta:

Check it out:

I really really hope the story matched the likely exceptional vfx work. And Lee is very hit and miss for me. Loved Crouching Tiger, one of my favorite movies(even if some of the language dubbing was messed up) but his last few films haven't even registered.

And FINALLY the final Godzilla King of the Monsters trailer. How many trailers have there been? Have they released half of the movie in the trailers yet?

This is promised to be the last one:

Looks crazy good.
I watched Batman: TAS habitually on tv at the end of the 90s and first of the last decade. Great show. Recently, I found TAS Vol. 1 for a bargain and am binge watching it.

I love the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy but TAS is more to the spirit of the DC character than that great trilogy of films. This, to me, is DC's Batman of Detective Comics and the self-titled comic series.

Paul Dini would go on and write a few episodes of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, but not nearly enough. Dini and Bruce Timm had a great run at Warners with this show and The Justice League and Superman.
Wait, Grace Jones is in another Bond movie? Please tell me that she's playing the same character as in A View To Kill!

I always chuckle at the "take my ball and go home"-attitude. "I'm so upset that my role has been decreased that I'm quitting so that my role is now non-existant!" :lol: "If I can't own the fastest car, then I don't want a car at all!"
I liked when Bond movies were just campy fun that came out every other year like crack. This drama is getting ridiculous.
At this point, so much time will have elapsed between Craig Bonds #4 and #5 that they might as well have just rebooted it. :D I think the only other time there's been this much space was the transition between Dalton and Brosnan (6 years, I believe?).
Yeah, it was nearly 6-1/2 years between LICENCE -- the last Bond movie I have loved, in spite of fill-heavy cinematography and criminally negligent hairstyling -- and GOLDENEYE, so that record is safe, but if they'd just kicked Craig to the curb after SPECTRE, they could have made two films with somebody more age-appropriate and face-appropriate in the time since, perhaps even somebody who wants the job enough to not suggest he'd slice his wrists at the thought of doing another one.

I've often thought that if the Bond people brought on the writers of the MI-5 series, they could probably get the core basis for any number of feature films, PLUS some damned good writing. So there'd be a lot of potential for at least good stuff to make it through the process when other folk are being brought in to 'fix' it. As much as I'm intrigued by the choice of this director, I have no real expectations on the new one at all, outside of knowing when it is over that I can start re-hoping to be able to get a different guy in the role ASAP.
I need to check out that MI5 series. Weird. In the UK, BBC calls it "Spooks" but Amazon has it as MI5. A bit more plain. Perhaps for the U.S. video market they wanted a more descriptive title and not the slang for intel personnel? Maybe to help sales? There's also the racial slur used in America but I doubt that was why they changed it.
I'm a fan of rock documentaries and Scorsese made a great one with The Last Waltz about the final concert for The Band. So Scorsese just released a Netflix documentary covering Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder traveling show from 1976. The director actually took footage shot over several years by others and finished it. Dylan today is very candid and I could watch two hours of just him talking about his career. But this show intersperses contemporary interviews with 76 footage of the tour. It works.
The film features Dylan, Joan Baez, Allen Ginsburg, Sam Shepard, and Sharon Stone(?!). Being the credits geek that I am and wanting to see who worked on it, I was surprised to see ILM listed in the credits. Pablo Helman supervised for ILM and it also listed ILM concept artists. Concepts for? Mysterious. Give this a watch if you are a rock documentary fan and fan of Dylan.
:eek: I love that series. I can't believe they did that.

And this:

"Also knowing that the original FX artists were never told that their shots – which they worked for over a year on and won an Emmy for – were being replaced and their names were being removed from the credits adds an extra element of cynicism for me."

Holy ****. Even George Lucas didn't pull that crap.
Well, the Emmy claim is wrong, it was nominated but did not win for VFX (one of those hokey Hallmark fantasy things did), though it won other Emmys.

The exclusion from credits is, to quote PRINCESS BRIDE, inconceivable. I wonder if that was added to the article, because I didn't read that before (then again, my eyes were glazing over and my blood was boiling.)
I havent watched an episode in a while but it is inconceivable they would remove their names from the credits and why they would even meddle with the vfx as you and this author said. I remember the show having solid model and early CG work. Crazy.

I'll just keep my VHS tapes(yes I still have that set not the DVDs). But will avoid this blu at all costs.
aerials look twenty zillion times better than the awful and dark cockpit stuff in the original. Still have zero interest given Cruise and the fact it is TOP GUN, but damn, can I get the movie with the drama and actors taken out of it?
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