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John knoll and Chad wiebe suping jungle cruise. Aladdin has 4 supervisors who I can't remember. ILM had their regular six month site update, apart from all their other shows of course.

Let me try off the top of my head:

Michael Mulholland-overall, David Seager, Ivan Busquets, Jeff Capogreco.

edit: Just checked- X! Not Ivan Busquets but Daniele Bigi.
ILM is working on a new Netflix show debuting later this month(November 30th). It is called 1983 and is about a terrorist attack in Poland which led to a police state and where the Berlin Wall never fell.

Here is the trailer:

The show is being directed by various Polish directors, including Agnieszka Holland, known for Europa, Europa and episodes of David Simon's The Wire and Treme.

She also directed one of my favorite children's movies of all-time The Secret Garden(1993). I love that film. I don't care what anyone thinks. :D
OVERLORD was the best WOLFENSTEIN movie we're likely ever gonna get. I would love to read coverage of ILM's and Rodeo FX's work on the film, as the mutants seemed to be mostly makeup, and the rest was more obvious WWII stuff.

ILM was also involved in the Medusa capture for THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS. The best way to describe this movie is something a pedophile from the HARRY POTTER universe would make to lure kids. An overall awkward and sometimes creepy experience much like A WRINKLE IN TIME.
You actually watched The Nutcracker and the Four Realms? Yikes. That movie has two directors. Johnston was brought in for extensive reshoots after Lasse Hallestrom shot the picture months ago.

ILM has the exclusive on the Medusa. If vfx companies use it, they have to go through ILM for the service. It's like a tech agreement between Disney and ILM. We will see more of this in films next year too.
ILMs site now has Michael Bay's Netflix action film 6 UNDERGROUND and BIRD BOX listed as in production. Apologies if this is old news...
Nice! 6 Underground supervised by Jason Snell and Bird Box by Mark Bakowski.

Here is a little teaser for one of the Star Wars-themed attractions coming to Disneyparks:

Rise of the Resistance:
Wow, I'm really falling behind on movie news lately. Joe Johnston was called in to help with The Nutcracker and the Four Realms? One month of reshoots and they agree that they'll receive co-directors credit? Interesting. Nice to see Johnston back in the "big Hollywood movie" arean, even if it was just a short visit.
Will ILM be creating a 3D model of Stan Lee for future cameos?

EDIT: I just asked ILM that on their Facebook page...I'm kind of a dick that way.
I dunno', I really hope they don't do that. Not only would it take me out of the movie more than his cameos already do/did, but we know he's gone, so the first thing that a chunk of the audience is going to be doing is looking for the wires, so to speak, on yet another digital human being creation. Especially when his cameos aren't exactly subtle. He wouldn't be some CG person in the background and out of focus, it'd be Stan Lee's CG face on a 50 foot screen shouting at Bruce Banner or something for five prolonged seconds. Which would then also lead them to having to create his audio artificially from archived recordings or find an actor to mimic him.

His contributions to the comic book world cannot be stated enough, and he/his cameos will be missed, but personally, this is a case where it's better for everyone to just leave it be. :|
CG Garage podcast talks to Hal Hickel. Wide ranging discussion about his career, starting with Vinton Studio's claymation, to Pixar, and finally, ILM. Also discusses the challenges inherent in re-creating a well known character like Governor Tarkin for Rogue One.

Good listen.
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Cinefex lists ILM as a vendor on GODZILLA: King of the Monsters
Interesting. I knew ILM's Art Department did concept design work on it but didn't know they were involved in vfx shot work too. Cinefex usually adds actual fx vendors in their film section, not concept design teams so this would suggest they are involved in fx shots production. 8)

ILM's Art Department also worked on the upcoming Detective Pikachu film.
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