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By ShaneP
ILMxLab is developing numerous VR Marvel and Disney experiences with The Void to debut at Disney Parks, beginning with Wreck It Ralph VR debuting this Fall: ... /#comments ... -immersion

The plans are for numerous Marvel VR experiences, the first one scheduled for release next year, and at least three more Walt Disney based experiences to follow.
By Kmart
I'm newly re-interested in all things ILM, now that the Banned-From-Talking-To-The-ILMers thing seems to be over (SK apparently departed in 2016, so maybe things have been clear for that long -- I was able to talk to the BUMBLEBEE VFX supe this week without any hitch or holdup), so are there MORE links about all this neat ILMxLab stuff? There's an annual new tech issue of ICG that comes out in April or May, and I'm thinking this would be a good thing to include.
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By ShaneP
Well, here is a short demo unveiled this year where ILMxLab used the Unreal gaming engine to render a scene using the new films' First Order stormtroopers. Keep in mind that is all-CG. Great stuff. ... 3ue35ago3Y

TheVoid is a Utah-based company from Lindon,Utah(just north of Provo-Orem). The easiest way to describe what they do is they take the virtual images and map them onto obstacles or hallways and a user goes through the ride or experience and encounter the VR mapped imagery as they go through. It's an interactive approach to VR rather than just sitting down passively although the VR possibilities there with games are big too.

Here is their website that covers their collaboration with ILMxLab for Secrets of the Empire. This can be visited at some Disney parks and even Vegas. ILM's work was supervised by Ben Snow. ... theempire/

Here is more about the Disney/Marvel/TheVoid/ILMxLab announcement via Fast Company: ... xperiences
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By ShaneP
So....ILMxLab has an announcement coming tomorrow. Sounds like me might finally have a release date for the Vader VR experience that was being written by David Goyer. Stay tuned.