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aslan wrote:They really can't find any new idea's for these films can they?

What're you talking about? Corrupt businesspeople want to exploit the dinosaurs for money and yearn to take them off the island in giant metal cag- oh.


Frankly, it appears that the World trilogy is just rehashing the original trilogy's stories.

Movie #1.) Explore the "functioning" park.
Movie #2.) Taking dinosaurs off the island because old dudes in suits want money.

Ergo, Jurassic World 3: We Still Haven't Learned Our Lesson will presumably be about rescuing a child actor that they forgot on the island from Fallen Kingdom. :lol:
Mediocre at best, with some nice visual touches from Bayona and a couple of spectacular action scenes. The Vfx are good for the new hybrid predator ( Indoraptor?) and the volcano scene , but i was shocked to see how the compositing and lighting was much better in the 2015 movie than in this(especially in the daytime scenes ). Maybe they had to bring back Tim Alexander to supervise.
Nice little motion capture behind the scenes featurette showing Jurassic World: Blue VR experience from Felix and Paul Studios, Oculus Rift and ILM: ... aBcCEGoHEk

Animation supervisors Glen McIntosh and Maia Kayser are in the video and McIntish talks a bit about it.

Thanks to Ian for the heads up.