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ILM is working with Zhang Yimou on a fantasy film centered around a group of warriors sent to protect a kingdom under attack by mythical monsters. The film will have the largest budget of a Chinese production to date: $150 million USD.

Film will feature Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal(many fans of Game of Thrones will remember him in his small but memorable role in Season 4) as warriors who battle mythical monsters that threaten the Han kingdom. ... tml#page=1

The film is set for release later next year.

Zhang Yimou and ILM are working together on a film. :cheers:
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By ShaneP
I agree with the abundance of work for ILM right now. One of the things that's seemed to help is the certainty of a certain amount of work scheduled long-term with the new Star Wars films.

The thing I like about them working with Zhang Yimou is the guy is a true master of cinema. He understands how to write a great story and he helped make Gong Li a star in Asia years ago.

To get a sense of his style and filmmaking, watch:

Raise the Red Lantern
To Live

This is also Yimou's first English language film.

But I agree that it seems like ILM is working on something for everyone right now. You have the big franchise films form Star Wars and Marvel and then films made by Inarritu, Yimou and Scorsese.

Now if only Peter Weir or Bernardo Bertolucci would make some films and hire ILM, I would jump on my bed like a 5 year old monkey. :mrgreen: