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By aslan
This film so needs, and deserves, an fx commentary.
By kylepro88
First Post :)

This film is number 2 for highest gross of all time. I think Davy Jones can be considered one of the best CG characters of all time thus far. Not much for a first post but damn, what a great film for effects lol.

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By Shane
welcome to the forums and ilmfan. :)
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By Gith
...any news on PotC 3 trailer?
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By Davy_Jones
...any news on PotC 3 trailer?
We have the news that he will go out soon... the film is in post-production, the production finished on January 15.

Hey people ! The dvd of POTC 2 finally it has arrived also in Italy !! Spectacular audio video performance ! The 2 disc special edition is phenomenal, good extra bonus !

I have received it on January 17 ! FINALLY ! :D
There are some deleted Davy Jones shots on the featurette about the character which, like all the other work on him is excellent.
Yes it's true !!!!!! Maybe we can hope for an EXTENDED version ? :roll:
Agreed, I still think Jones is the most realistic cg character yet put on film. The best animated aswell, who needs facial capture technology when animators can reference a performance this well?

I guess seeing as these boards went down before the oscar win for Pirates 2 we should offer a belated congrats to ILM ?
i agree about jones. curious that the facial expressions of this carachter still look more fluid and natural than the Na'vis in Avatar. Btw, would be nice to open topics about the major ILM films wich came out in the last three years, like transformers 1 and 2, star trek, iron man 1 and 2, to see what people here think about the work in these movies.
Considering that the last time I debugged or tried to write a program, it was in DOS and for a labelprinting routine used with 5.25" floppies, there's a fairly good chance my help would be valueless.

Geezus, that's 25 years ago! Watched WRATH OF KHAN the other night, and now I REALLY know what Kirk meant when he says he feels old and worn-out.

Side note: covering PACIFIC RIM for HD VIDEO PRO and LONE RANGER for ICG, so there's a decent chance I'll get to talk with Knoll again, and/or Tim Alexander.