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By malducin
Just a quick recap. Maybe some of you noticed that the forums were not available for a few days a couple of days ago with messages about problems in the database/table. Initially though it was a misconfigured robot since the sessions table had thousands of entries. It actually seems we (at least the server where we are hosted) was under a DOS attack. Hosting company then contacted us to let is know they would do their magic to resolve the problem. Seems everything is fine now.

Just a quick note, if someone notices something like this again, send me an email or a PM via Twitter, since I might not notice when the problem starts. Though I'm trying to check on the forums once a day now.

Cleaned the members list as well, deleting all the obvious fake and spam registrations. Might need to go through the list again later. Might delete accounts from real people that registered but have never posted or even confirmed their registration. I might also delete the test forum so spammer don't try to using it while registering.

Also finally finished the last adjustments for the forums new theme, mainly the social icon in the footer, and now the new ILMfan logo (no more ugly non transparent PNG) will take you back to the site. Enjoy!