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By malducin
Just finished upgrading the main ILM site to my new system which is way better than the previous version. Should allow for better, quicker updates once I start that next month. Dan this took a long time in my spare time.

Revamoed the look via Bootstrap from Twitter, makes creating better looking consisten sites way easier (don't have to pull my hair writing, debugging CSS).

New version has a few changes and improvements, here are some noteworthy:

* Some routes and pages changed, so be sure to check you bookmarks. For example the awards page now is called project_awards for better consistency (
* Several sections that I disabled (though accessible if you knew the URL) are now enabled in the menus like the Articles section.
* Revamped content to use HTML5 and CSS3, so make sure to use a relatively modern browser.
* Current page banners are brand new though they only showcase 2010s projects.
* New way to search projects: directory, by year and by decade, with a poster preview. Also the people directory looks nicer.
* Added all relevant official ILM sites and also a Twitter widget to the main page.

Of course Forums are a different system so no changes there.
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By malducin
OK testing concluded, deleted the old system and made a few minos fixes. Time to get back on the air again!