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By malducin
The main site has been upgraded to phpWebsite 1.4, plus the latest updates (this was an update from the old 0.10 rele4ase, so I basically had skipped 4 stable releases, 1 of them major). If you're following my other thread (the ILMfan update one) you know it's been a real chore, mainly cleaning up the html re-encoding during data conversion. The actual upgrade happened weeks ago, so most of the time has been spent cleaning up. I won't bore you with those details. I'll just highlight some of the differences in the new system:

* I'm gonna list 20 news in the main page plus 10 older news. This so I can post in bulk when I'm ready so as to clear the backlog.
* News (now blog entries in the new system) don't have hit counters. I'll have to check the web logs to see how much people are seeing the news.
* Paging system for news (and other items) works better, much easier to check older news.
* Old links won't work because new modules. You'll have to find stuff again if you used links to internal pages.
* There is no polls system in this new version. Might as well, sometimes it took me too much time to think of new ones. If people want polls they'll have to use the forums when they open, or if enough people ask I might try to come up with something (unlikely).
* There are no web links. I was getting tons of spam on the old 0.10 system. Might as well other sites maintain pretty complete listing of VFX, Animation and CG companies. Maybe one day have something here.
* News and calendar submission disabled. Want to something something, send me an email or use the forums when they open.
* New ILMfan logo, as some might have noticed, very similar to the old ILM one. Also new intro page with changing images.
* New Search box, use phpws search module, Google or Yahoo to search here. The phpws local one works really good.
* rss 1.0 feed available.
* Rotating header images only have images from projects from 2006 onwards. Will fix eventually to include more images.
* Category icons now link to a page with news and items in that category. Not sure if I should re add the old Announcements page that listed all categories for easier searching. I probably will.
* Most internal pages disabled until I finish cleaning up. For starters I only have the Upcoming Projects and News Submission working right now.
* Calendar mostly works the same. Old calendar entries apparently lost their categories, might re add them later. Also the calendar has a new nifty floating box to choose any date.
* Breadcrumb feature shows you where you have been in the site.

That's about it as far as I can think of at this hour.