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By malducin
Created a separate page for the BAFTA Awards (they were previously under the Other Awards page). Finally the official BAFTA site posted a complete list. There were many surpises, several projects I didn't know about that either won or were nominated (like ET, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Ghost, Totall Recall and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), while other were misplaced (I had The Mummy as winner for 1999, The Matrix actually won that year). The list is complete.

The Saturn Awards were added to the Other Awards section, though they might need their own page in the future. All the ILM projects that won are there. For the ones that were nominated there is a gap between 1988-1997, I could only find the winners for those years. The Saturn Awards page only lists winners. So there could be additional ILM nominated projects not yet listed.

There were also minor cleanups in the Academy Awards database (although I would like to recheck the SciTech ones).

Next step is to correct the notes in the Filmography and Credits section (and hopefully start adding some credits during the holidays).