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By malducin
Well after doing some tests I think some of the backend problems I'm experiencing are due to the ILMfan theme itself which was based on a theme from a previous version of phpwebsite.

Doing a clean install and using the default theme many of the problems go away, including calendar multiple events display problem and template setting for pages.

Now the decission is to try to recreate the theme using an updated version or just create a new theme (maybe a nice change now that we reached 1000 posts, though that would imply changing themes for the other sections like articles, forums and fimography, not a prospect I look forwward).

This is high priority. Might start tomorrow on this. Hopefully updating the theme will be enough and not require a reinstall of the main site.
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By malducin
Well it seems that also part of the problems were due to the PHP version. My host upgraded PHP and the calendar problem disappeared.

I couldn't upgrade the theme because I was trying to upgrade to phpws 0.10. But all my tests failed I had non functioning sites. On a whim I upgraded my PHP to the latest version, 4.3.10, and the test upgrade went smoothly.

Even though the upgrade will probably be fine I think I'll create a new theme anyways. Probably time to upgrade ILMfan's look anyway.