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By malducin
Upgraded the main site to the latest version, 0.9.3-3, which actually came out exactly 2 months ago (May 19, 2004). Couldn't find the time to do it as it requires a lot more care than the forums.

Upgrade took about 2 hours including all the prep time. It went relatively smooth. One problem after updating was that the search bar didn't work so I had to fix it. But in the end everything was fine.

One of the main improvements for users is that the search function is fixed and works better than the previous version. On the bar at the top now the calendar and internal pages can be searched. Also now putting more than 1 word on the search returns reasonable results (previous version with more than one word the results were wrong or mostly non-existent). A search box also appears on the corresponding modules: when you see an announcement, a calendar event, etc. A bit redundant but I'll leave it like that for the time being. I need to experiment a bit with the new search settigs.

The What's Related Block can now be turned off. I think I will turn it off, doesn't seem to useful when it won't display much of the text in the link.

There might be other minor improvements I'll need to research. Everything seems to work fine.