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By kofman
how about not opening a new window for the forum and news links on the main page

it's kind of annoying
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By malducin
I'm kind ambivalent. I used to hate things like that, but now doing the site it's more convenient since I can open several parts of the site while doing updates and going back and forth checking things.

Well now with Mozilla and its tabbed windows it makes that really convenient. So I might switch it to not open nwe windows. Although I would styill leave all external links to open new windows.

It's late anyone have any more pros and cons?
By vfxart
I could do without the second window popping up, but I think that's because I am so used to a majority of sites that simply open a new page in the same window.
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By malducin
OK, then, I'll switch back to the same window when I update the site. External links (like to articles on other sites) will still pop a new window. I think I'll get to it in a couple of weeks.