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By el Morro

As you can see,
the sizing of text
still doesn't work
and I find that a little
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By malducin
Oh thanks I forgot about it. I'll take a look.

I've been looking into several things. Maybe soon update the main site to the latest PHPWS but that seems like it's gonna be messy. I already have a prototype credits system to replace the filmography. I'm testing it a bit, but I might have to do some DB changes to it before it's final. I'm also working on a new bibliography pages and a new ILM Timeline page since sometimes people seem to be looking for that.
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By malducin
Well I looked at the files involved. I think I changed something. I seem to remember, but I'll have to look very carefully. Don't be surprised if the boards go wacky over the weekend.

Let me test again:



dark red
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By malducin
Well I tried a bunch of different things and it's niot working. It's puzzling because of course most other codes are working, though I found out the list wasn't right. But the code for the size shoud have worked, I even uploaded most of the semirealetd files to BBCode.

I'm giving up on this one for the time. There are a lot more pressing needs all around the site than providing size changes in posts. I'll revisit it later, maybe next upgrade or style change, or when I make the forum moer XHTML compliant.