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By el Morro
What does "vent" mean?? Google says me it means something like ventilation shaft... I doubt you mean that, right ... ;)
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By Vampus
*beats Mal over the head with a wet sock* I DON'T LIKE THE WAY YOU DOT YOUR I's!!! I feel better now, how about you. But I agree Mal, I've been back reading posts backdating to a bit before christmas. And the stuff I've been reading is abosolutly pathetic!! I've almost quit a few times, because this place is becoming one big pile of abuse.

Now, I think ILM is just as good as the next place, should they have the sameresources, manpower and bugdet. Any you all say, BUT DD bas ILM people in it, or whatnot, well I'm sure alot of no ILM origionals work at ILM now. Do we judge that ILM is so great because joe blow once worked for DD or WETA, or animal logic?

I also don't think that it is far on Visual effects people to say they or there work is bad or pathetic or pitiful, just because his work doesn't reach the, oh dare I say, benchmark. Could you honestly do better. Even the worst VFX shot is better then I could do...all I can do is make a fish's mouth open and close using flash(I wonder if Speilberg could make a movie out of that :lol: ). LOTR's had alot of GREAT VFX shots, alot better then my lame fish, but ask my mum, and she things it's GREAT! We all have such high opinions of ourselves and such high expectations of other people, that you can't sit back and enjoy it for what it is...a good story and a hell of alot better then you can do(most of you anyways).

Well, that is my opinion, no, I expect everyone to call me an idiot and a wanker and flame me because I have my non-abusive opinion of the goings on, and it seems that insults and flames is what what most of you do best.
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By Vampus
Vent off means to vent you steam...because if a boiler builds up too much steam it explodes, that is why they vent it...it means you go "GRRRRRRR :evil: " and yell at people and let your feelings out instead of letting them build up and make you explode...which would be fun to watch though :roll:
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By el Morro
Mhh.. in that case... I don't have to Vent off...
I just changed the look of my profile a bit. You all know the meaning of the color white, do you?
No political statement though.
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By Vampus
Your growing old and about to die?

Venting just allows you to say whats on your mind, rather then yelling at folks in the forums. I know you are guilting of some of those not so nice posts.
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By el Morro
Well I try to be more objective in the last time. If you reffer to LotR, your right. I never said I like them...
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By el Morro
Veting off would be:
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By Vampus
No, what I mean by not nice posts is calling people names and insulting them.

I don't quite what Mal had in mind I think. Everyone is active very angry at each other at the moment...saying alot of un-nice things. This is hopefully where people can come and resolve there issues with people, let me not liking the way Mal dots his I's.
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By el Morro
What? When did I insult anyone? This was never my attation! Maybe you misunderstood anything due to my broken english. But when exactly did I insult anyone, please??
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By Vampus
Your name popped into my head, but I might be wrong, I've read alot of posts and alot of names over the past week :D
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By EwanMagic
What? When did I insult anyone? This was never my attation! Maybe you misunderstood anything due to my broken english. But when exactly did I insult anyone, please??
"Broken English"? Is that a correct use in English?

Begin Venting Off:

I really don't think BUSH should rush to war.

Remember the message behind "Dr. Strange Love"?

More and more people die(ing) in the name of
this war.

It can be ( and still be ) solved by peaceful
way (what I call ,a jedi way).

War is the very last ,and always be losers' ,WAY.

And the people in the world don't want
"One Country to rule them all" (One Ring to ruel them all).
"A leader of a single nation to lead the whole world's issues"


Padme is like French and all the anti-war
peace-lovers (Her anti-war speech in deleted scene).

JarJar (no offense) is like SOME American ,be
controled or brain-washed by Patriotism.

Duko is obviously bad guy, Saddam.
Palpatine is .... you go figure out.

Many People should have not be dead ,if this
war never start.

And we all (every member of earth) will figure
out a better way to free IRAQ and solve problem.

Set a good example and standard for our
grand grand children to come.

It's a goal that human being should keep chaseing.

End of "Vent off"
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By malducin
Oh yeah!!! If you don't like the way I dot my I's you can take them and stuff them ;-). What I want to vent off? I wish posters would get more balanced viwes, forget that ILM is the only one and others are crap. Hey ILM might be your favorite but that doesn't mean others aren't doing great work. Sigh it would make my job moderating easier.

Ewan, I must say that that pic brought me a chuckle. Even though I have a somehwat opposite view to yours about the current events. Too bad people don't remember what happened about 60 years ago.
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By vfx fan
Ewan, that was a funny picture! I admit it brought me a couple laughs.

Now it's my turn to vent off.

What I have to vent off has really been shared by other people on these boards.

Oh wait:

I hate the Oscars and I hate the way the Oscars vote! It's all politics - the least creative way of voting, not to mention the least creative way of solving the world's problems. No award voter looks at the talent of the actors, but the way the actor/actress is like in real life.

Academy voters are schizophrenic, because I don't think they can tell between reality and the movies (fiction), the latter of which the Academy was designed for. And they obviously have bad eyes if they voted "The Two Towers" for Best VFX.

That's my venting off for now.
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By el Morro
Oh I really get upset if people cannot diffrenciate between SPECIAL effects and VISUAL effects. Argh. Even directors make such mistakes!!
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By el Morro
About this war-talking. I am anti-war, but when started it is the worst idea to

stop without winning.

Oh, people, this war isn't as easy as propaganda tells us. It's not about saddam and
mass-destruction. And it isn't about humanity and "freeing" people.
All the US gov. wants to do is to keep the oilprice controlled. The thing is: If the USA defeats
Saddam and places it's own little gov. there, they controll the largest oilfields not yet used
in that region. And they do not need to use this oil, they just need to controll it to controll
the price.
The thing is, Saddam was once a "friend" of the USA. He thought he could do what he wanted, because he had the US at his back. He went over the top and the he and broke their relationship.

But with that, the USA hadn't anyone down there to controll the oil in that region. Now they
need to place a their own "democratic" goverment so that the USA again have the relationships, which means the control over the region and the oil.
Second, this also comes with a new trade-relationship between the countries if they place their own gov. there.
And 3rd : if they controll the most powerfull country in that region, htey also control the countries around or have the best starting-point for other "control"-strikes.
They seem to forgett that violence always causes counter-violence and that's what's so stupid about this politic.

BTW, think about it what you want, the USA fight this war ILLEGALLY! The UN had to be counciled before that. This is something they HAD to do. But after all it shows again: The strongest always wins.
Well, I really hope that war is over soon and that the US win and LEAVE the country.

If any american finds that offensive, I'm sorry. But that's the only logic point I can make out

of this mess.

BTW, I too think Saddam should leave ad that democracy is much better. But after the USA removed Saddam they should really go away. If the country WANTS a dictatorship, why forcing them into democracy?? That's BTW the worst way to do it because it's the most anti-democratic one. But then the US cannot controll the oil, too sad.

Well, that's it for now, I hope you do not think I'm one of that enemies now, I really thought about this topic VERY long, we had endless discussions I school, and so on.
And due to the fact I live in europe, I can see much more of the things the US doens't show in their own country, like those captured army soldiers and stuff.(Which I cannot apreciate)

In my opinion: Go US! Go win the war! Go kill Saddam! Then go away!
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By vfx fan
Yes, Sadaam is an evil guy, but he has yet to use weapons of mass destruction against us. On top of that, we don't know if he has weapons - of mass destruction, that is. The only way he used weapons was because he was fighting against the United States, who fired first.

I feel sorry for the people who are forced to do what Sadaam tells them, like commit suicide. Yes, Sadaam deserves to die, but something tells me that Bush wants this war for economic reasons, like el Morro said, not to free the Iraqi. That's just a cover-up for what Bush is really up to.

That's all for my "venting off," for now.
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By el Morro
oh yes, I think i didn't mention the civilians up there. I feel sorry for those, too. First because they have the regime and second because it forces them to do things that they possibly don't want. The war now and then is and was the sad highlight ofthat, but possibly it will eventually be gone when saddam is gone.
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By EwanMagic
Ewan, I must say that that pic brought me a chuckle. Even though I have a somehwat opposite view to yours about the current events. Too bad people don't remember what happened about 60 years ago.
60 years latter ,should we use the same old way
to think about (or to solve) the problem of 21

Western world (Especially USA)should find a better
way to help ("help" may not be a right word to
describe it)

I really don't know why Bush very WANT to HELP them?
That's his excuse) Mid-East world.

Don't let the history will repeat again and again.

I still anti WAR ,but that doesn't mean I anti
American or anti any American army.

I only anti WAR and what bush had done and is doing.

I wish no one will be dead anymore in the name of

Saddam should be caught and sent to jail ,I argee
with that ,but not by a WAR.

And UN is die-ing ,because of BUSH.

USA is not the only member of UN.

And I'm shocked ,people just can not tolerance
anti-war speech of freedom.

If someone say something about "anti war" ,many
US people over-ract and want to bring them down ,
try very hard to shut them up.

That's the very strange thing to me ,when I was
believing that USA is a country with tolerant people
for every different opinion.

Seems Patriotism blind so many people.

I just hope this WAR will be end as soon as
possible ,and the most importantly ,every one
will be safe ,we are the same human ,there is
no difference between us ,every live is euqal

End of the off-topic.

That's Not thing to do with what I meon above.
I don't like bush, because he is on conservative
But I'm on the opposit side.