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By dr.CGI
Who's going to buy the jp3 DVD? I do, I realy think it i'll rock. they have 2 FX documotares. a guided tour to stan wintston studio and even a visit to ILM that takes 16 minutes. it will be a kind like the mummy returns visit to ILM. with the pteranodon scene and raptor attack and one of the spino scenes. and probebly others. BTW, is there a DVD of AI or POTA released in America? I wanna see a documontary of there FX. they realy were good. and SW also will have very good FX. I still can't wait. I very curious about What new kind of FX technieks we will see on screen. I realy can't wait because I don't know if Pablo does a godd job on it. the astroids were fake and it's all he fault. :smile: