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By Shane
All the Fortress shots?! Even the ones with the Fortress being created and the later ones with the flyovers!? Are you sure?! That cannot be full-size. The water looks way too big! Look at the ripples! It just doesn't look right.

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By Ahem
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By malducin
Ahem, I was referring to Ewan. It's fine for him to disagree I just wished he expressed his opinions. Though I sure he wanted. But his first language is not English. You did stick to your guns though. I have much to comment here but I have to read much to distill here.
By Kmart
A double negative makes it a positive. The correct question would be "I believe Bruce Nicholson was the effects supervisor yes?"


And yes, yes he was. Let me pull out my super-ultra-comprehensive list and come up with something.


I mentioned this to Kmart before, but how about Space Rangers? No? Yes? Yo? Nes?

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I just got SPACE RANGERS on DVD and had totally forgotten about the ILM credit on the pilot. Found a discussion of their involvement here and it isn't very flattering - the work is godawful bad btw, no motion blur at all, cartoony as all get-out. ... 22&f=false