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I have found this on, when I wanted to check some new trailers.
Just an idea of how far off the mark they are: They're currently playing with the idea of having the entire thing take place in a space station.


Ang Lee is pretty adamant about doing a city story though - so we'll see what the next month or so brings.

An interesting note is that David Hayter is the screenwriter assigned to fix everything up ever since the third draft. He's the guy that wrote the X-Men screenplay (and X-Men 2), and plays the voices of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid game series along with Captain America on the Spider-Man cartoon.

I have faith in his abilities, so hopefully we'll see a drastic change by February.
Sounds interesting and strange at the same surprised I have been when I heard that Ang Lee will direct "The Hulk", I'm not surprised now.
Ang Lee is not the usual Hollywood-type of director. He wants to make a good movie, not one that sells. That's why he is on the look for smthg new, a new story, different than the rest of Hollywood.