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By vfx fan
Ad Astra
The Aeronauts
Alita: Battle Angel
Avengers: Endgame
Captain Marvel
Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
Ford v Ferrari
Gemini Man
The Irishman
Jumanji: The Next Level
The Lion King
Men in Black: International
Spider-Man: Far from Home
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Terminator: Dark Fate

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I forgot which ones had major ILM involvement and which ones were just 911 calls, art department, and Medusa capturing.

A notable omission was GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS.

And I really hope THE LION KING doesn't advance further than this (wishful thinking), as I honestly thought it was a downgrade from what was accomplished in THE JUNGLE BOOK. And the movie was total shit.

Similarly, GEMINI MAN was a movie so forgettable that I didn't care to appreciate the Will Smith clone. ALADDIN used its Will Smith better, I think, but sadly, I can barely find any coverage on the film. THE IRISHMAN de-aged its actors the best, by far.

ENDGAME and THE RISE OF SKYWALKER are probably a dead lock, unless the latter pulls a REVENGE OF THE SITH on us.

1917? Maybe...but if it gets nominated for Editing, I'm gonna laugh, since the trailer has more cuts than the movie.
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By PaulILMFan
Ad Astra was a really interesting movie so were the seamless VFX (many scenes were also taken from 1950s romantic notions of manned spaceflight) but as it was not a commercial success its probably not going to win any awards as modern voting patterns equate box office to artistic endeavours :frown:
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By ShaneP
And here is the shortlist:

“Alita: Battle Angel”
“Avengers: Endgame”
“Captain Marvel”
“Gemini Man”
“The Irishman”
“The Lion King”
“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”
“Terminator: Dark Fate”

Congrats to all and ILM for their five films on the shortlist.
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By vfx fan
I'm surprised that ALADDIN didn't make the cut. Although Disney didn't seem to be pushing that one in any category other than Best Original Song. It's the only category listed on the FYC ad at Disney. Are the filmmakers ashamed of this movie or something?

Because I'd be more ashamed of THE LION KING (remake) for its cynical laziness. (ALADDIN at least had some ambition, however misguided.) And not to hate on the CG artists, but I was not much more impressed with THE LION KING visually than I was with THE JUNGLE BOOK, which had the added challenge of putting a real boy in a digital world.

CAPTAIN MARVEL was meh in almost every way imaginable. TERMINATOR: DARK FATE was similarly meh. GEMINI MAN was so meh that I didn't care how impressive the visuals were.

I remember enjoying ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL better than CAPTAIN MARVEL, but I don't remember it enough to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

CATS looks amazing in all the wrong ways...I actually want to see it more than TROS.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME was very impressive, but I am beyond tired of superhero movies at this point.

1917 has me curious, but could end up being gimmicky.

Final five:
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By ShaneP
Those are the five I predict will be nominated as well.

1917 is also being promoted by Mendes as a film with NO CUTS. I love the WWI timeframe so that part has me interested but then he mentioned the single take and I really want to see it.
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By TylerMirage
I had guessed Ad Astra, Alita, Avengers, Captain Marvel, Gemini Man, Godzilla, Irishman, Lion King, Spider-Man and Star Wars. 7/10 is still good!

Taking into account the real final 10, my predictions for the final 5 nominees are:

Avengers: Endgame (by virtue of it being Marvel + the big final HOORAH of a decade of movies + genuinely good work)
Irishman (I've heard 50/50 reviews on the de-aging, but the late year release + it being a drama instead of a whizz-bang action film + critically acclaimed filmmaker/cast)
The Lion King (Disney + all CG + remake of a beloved classic film. I'd love it if Alita was considered instead, but let's be realistic here...)
1917 (token "invisible VFX in a drama"-entry, which could've also been filled by Ad Astra)
Star Wars (by virtue of it being Star Wars, late year release, also legitimately good work)
How is CATS still on the list, with AD ASTRA already gone?
Gotta' echo this. I have nothing against the Cats movie or its VFX, but... it seems like an odd trade-off to include that but ditch the likes of Godzilla, Spider-Man, Ad Astra and others. Granted, it's pretty much been like that consistently for the last decade, so I guess it's par for the course?