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By ShaneP
Anyone else seen this yet what a fantastic way to give a few small glimpses of a sequel we will never get not sure ILM doing the VFX though... Spielberg was onboard with it so its an official mini sequel in a way :thumbup:
Good commercial but did they drag Rambaldi's animatronic out for this? I doubt ILM worked on this. There are just so many vfx facilities that do ad work now and ILM doesn't have a division strictly committed to nothing but ads so odds are it was some other facility.

I was reading an article about this on Variety and right in the middle of the piece is an ad for a Neil Young video on Hulu. :lol:

Oh man, the placement was perfect(Young fans might know what I am referring to).


If I see one more commercial with that annoying no rapping Cardi B, I'm gonna hurl....something.