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Shane, do you know if ILM handled the astonishing Hulk animation in Endgame?
No, I don't know. It is possible, like many of the Marvel films, they split the work depending on where Hulk was or in what sequence he was in and if another shop was working on a majority of other vfx in a particular sequence. They sometimes share assets in those cases or do their own versions of characters.

We will know soon enough.
Both ILM and Framestore had a hand in Professor Hulk. ILM was also involved in the 2012 sequences as well as the final battle, though to what extent, I do not know.
I haven't seen any talk about what companies did other than ILM, WETA, and DD.... where did you see stuff about Framestore? Would love to read it!
ILM's Smart Hulk work via Variety: ... 203212479/

Talks about their new facial pipeline, Anyma.

Also Smart Hulk via Indiewire: ... 202139971/

Ian's look at ILM and Framestore's Smart Hulk: ... mart-hulk/

This one has specific shots featured from Framestore and ILM so you can get an idea what sequences each house worked on.