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By ShaneP
Farrar is now ILM alum.
Beginning his vfx career at Abel and Associates working on Star Trek: The Motion Picture(1979), he would finish the film under the supervision of Doug Trumbull.
He started at ILM in 1981 working on The Wrath of Khan and would go on to work on Return of the Jedi and Cocoon, in which he won an Academy Award for Best VFX(as the Vfx Cameraman). He would then work on Star Trek 6 as well as co-supervising vfx for Back to the Future 3 with Ken Ralston(who was also busy supervising Back to the Future 2 and Akira Kurosawa's Dreams(he was very busy!)
Farrar was nominated six times for Best Vfx at the Oscars over the years, including two for theTransformers franchise, Transformers(2007) and Dark of the Moon(2011). He worked at ILM for 38 years. His last film at ILM was A Quiet Place.

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By ShaneP
Any word if he is working somewhere else or if he's simply retired?
I haven't checked. It's possible he is just retired from the biz.