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By ShaneP

So what am I looking at in the film? Are they full cg heads? Smoothed out projection of the actors onto a captured performance?
Old man shouts at sky.
"Get off my lawn..." :P
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By ShaneP
Ian talks about de-aging the DeNiro: ... g-de-niro/

1700+ vfx shots in the film, including CG windshields when they are driving. No keyframe animation. No tracking markers on any of the actors at any time.

I really hope Scorsese tackles Sinatra next. He was discussing that film with Pablo before they made The Irishman so hopefully they make that one.
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By ShaneP
Now it's more clear..Thanks Shane for posting the articles. So they are actually fully cg heads of the actors and , if i understood correctly, sometimes also the shoulders?
Yes sometimes they did body parts depending on the shot.
There's definitely some hair replacement in some shots. You can see it in the nice before and afters in the Deadline piece. Same with the ArtofVfx article. Now did they do it for all of the shots? I'm not sure. It sounds like they used a wide array of techniques depending on the needs of a shot.

By the way, in the ArtofVfx article Ivan Busquets is asked what his next project is and he says a vacation and then he starts work on a horror film.

Hmm.....what film? Cats? :P
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By ShaneP
Vulture talks to Helman about the film: ... ctors.html

From the end of the article:
“I think actors are going to take a look at this and say, ‘Does that mean that I don’t have to wear 138 markers on my face? That I don’t have to spend two hours in makeup? That I don’t have to sit through a bunch of calibration cameras? And I can act on set with the lights, in front of the acting partner I need to perform against?’ Those are the kind of things that are important. And that’s where we’re going.”

This may be the biggest impact this film has. The other thing is this isn't an action-adventure or science fiction film but a drama. We will likely see similar type dramas with flashbacks and forwards using this method instead of re-casting. The one thing that does need work is the actors movements. It's hard to get people who are in their sixties and seventies to move like they did in their twenties. That's one thing they need to improve. But things will only get better with this.