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By ShaneP
There is not another project at ILM right now that has me as intrigued as Scorsese's The Irishman.


Well, beyond the legendary filmmaker and cast, it is the challenge for ILM in creating photorealistic CG characters.

According to Scorseses' longtime editor, Thelma Schoomaker, ILM is working on young versions of De Niro for the entire first half of the picture: ... 09938.html

This is no small challenge not just because it is an all-CG character but mostly because it is a young De Niro. We have one of the most classic portrayals with De Niro in The Godfather Part 2 where he played a young Don Vito Corleone as reference. That performance and the image of when he was younger is burned into many cinephiles minds. We know what he looks like at that age.

ILM certainly has their work cut out for them. I've said it before but this cannot, must not be another Leia or Tarkin ala Rogue One. That simply will not cut it. It must be better. ILM knows this. I dont need to say it but I just did.

This movie is the challenge for them. Succeed and ILM will have etched legendary actors as CG younger versions of themselves into cinema history. Fail, and they will never hear the end of it....including here at ILMfan.

This MUST work!

Fingers crossed.

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By aslan
But it won't succeed. How can it?

I don't doubt that ILM will deliver perhaps the best example yet of digital humans. But even that won't be enough to convince us that we are watching these iconic actors as younger versions. The first thing we learn in this life is to analyse and understand facial features. I just dont belive the tech or artistry is there yet to fool our instincts in this regard. I'm expecting some heavy stylistic choices in the overall patina,texture and lighting to help the cg along in that first half of the film.

I would love to be wrong on this, and for it to be the next big leap. I just want it to not be an embarrassment.
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By ShaneP
I suppose that's the rub isn't it? We know they aren't 25 years old so assume some trickery must be involved. I hope it looks like some of the best Dick Smith makeup work ever and we just stop thinking about the artifice and focus on the performances.
By Kmart
You don't need to be 100% convincing throughout, I don't think. Going by the APES movies, there are some mixed results throughout, but you're still engaged and tearing up when need be.

I think this is going to be a case of Scorses doing his equivalent to the opening shot in STAR WARS ... maybe one of his trademark long walk & talks w/voiceover that 100% sells the de-aging on a variety of characters, dazzling and overwhelming the audience to the point they stop being jaded and get on board. Not every movie can pull off the opening of ANH, but that is the big challenge in my mind with this one.
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By ShaneP
That reminded me of how Goodfellas opens. Violence with narration so it sucks you right into the story. Then they go back. I wonder if they will bookend this film in a similar way?