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I figured that I might as well create a separate thread for this. The whole "when uneducated (or even educated) people jump aboard the anti-CGI bandwagon"-thing. It's for things we (or I) can get off of our (or my) chest, but also for actual discussion of this particular topic.

A video has been making its rounds through Facebook - just a short 90 second BTS from Mary Poppins Returns about the "magic bathtub" gag. Mary Poppins and kids fall backwards, or drop objects, into a big bubble-bath-filled tub and seemingly disappear. A simple yet effective trick, wherein a a physical slide was built by the SPFX team so that the actors would fall into a tub that had no bottom, but instead was a slide that went under the stage. Old-school. The slide is hidden beneath camera frame (or perhaps digitally removed? I dunno', I haven't actually seen the movie). Like, it's pretty friggin' obvious to us movie and FX nerds, but it's astounding that level of traction that this video is getting in the context of, you guessed it, "doing it for real and avoiding CGI". :roll:

The Facebook video for that BTS and subsequent comments are pretty eye-rolling. "Instead of relying on CGI...", "practical FX FTW", "I love it when movies use creativity instead of just doing CGI", "glad they went practical because CGI is still years away from looking real".

Yes, those last two comments are legitimate, word-for-word comments by actual, real people with seemingly functioning brains and eyes. Because I guess CGI = no creativity?

The best part is that apparently, after dropping through the DOING IT FOR REAL bathtub slide, they emerge into a fully CG underwater world. :lol: It did warm my heart to see at least one comment in the Facebook chain pointing that out, and they even followed it up with "Do you people even watch the movie before jumping on the clickbait bandwagon?"
Here's another one of their vids discussing some X-Men films and Michael Bay's Transformers:

Transformers discussion kicks in around 3:50 mark. Just shows there are vfx artists out there that love the way Bay shoots stuff in camera and with realistic camera angles.
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