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Rabbits in Australia
Tribbles on space station k7

porgsy & bess ?


Important to add that Leap's "augmented reality" technology is supposedly distinct from other forms of VR in that it overlays real backgrounds we see out of a headset. It will be interesting to see how ML and ILM incorporate the Porgs into the "real" world.
Got an assignment to do a piece on the state of 'hyper-reality' for ICG, so have contacted ILM about xLAB work. Do you think Porgs are the best way in?
That or Carne y Arena for Innaritu. That film won an special achievement Oscar. A first for a VR short. I think they also have some VR stuff planned for the Disney parks Galaxy's Edge SW themed land.

The cool thing about VR and AR is they are both a bit different. As Augmented Reality suggests, it is inserting virtual images into our space that looks nearly indistinguishable from whatever real we are seeing around it. It also has the potential to provide for numerous applications for entertainment and commerce. AR is what Magic Leap has focused on.

Here is a short demo for AR app:

You can see online retailers going crazy for this stuff by allowing people to "try out" different styles without having to stock them.

VR is more full immersion in a virtual space. ILMxLab has worked with ML and filmmakers in both VR and AR.