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Cannot say where it is filming but I do find it very interesting that both Jonathan Privett and Hayden Jones, veterans of numerous tv shows over the years at Rushes and DNEGTV, recently joined ILM along with two vfx exec. producers from the same company. Now, ILM hires these veteran tv vfx people and....what are they working on?

I suspect they are working on the new Jon Favreau written and produced Star Wars tv show, which is reportedly ready to go into production in mere days.

Jones and Privett both recently worked on the Netflix show Altered Carbon, among many, many others too numerous to mention here.

May the Force Be With Them
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Sounds great. Too bad I'll never see it.

All this new, quality content, and it's becoming impossible to actually watch it, especially over here. Desperate to see the expanse season 3, but no fucker will air the Damn thing.
I agree that was a good show. It does disappoint me that all of this content is being fenced off,so to speak, by individual corporations.Bring back the Open Range! :P I am also not planning on paying for Disney's new streaming service.