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Yes its good but still not quite as good as the hype. How jaded you are a movie goer is the mission should you chose to accept just how good you think this film will be.

Kmart will be happy :wink: I think as its an MI movie which tries quite hard to be a modern From Russia With Love - Thunderball episode of the franchise.

Very gritty in many places, low key but gets the job done. Some brutal hand to hand combat fights in this...really brutal and realistic no silly wire work to make characters flip their way out of trouble like a child friendly superhero :eek:

If you swapped Tom Cruise for Daniel Craig called him James Bond instead of Ethan Hunt then that is how close this film tries to be a modern Craig Bond entry. I am not a fan of the Craig Bonds so to me that was a bit of a letdown.

VFX were absolutely seamless they really deserve an Oscar for just how seamless some parts where you know its not totally real but it looks very real & very dangerous in 1 long extended Bike chase sequence in Paris. Hands down that is the greatest bike chase ever shot to date in a movie the camera moves, editing, pacing dynamics are all perfect. It even takes down the French Connection car & foot chase sequence & remains gritty throughout :wink:

The mask returns in a big way in several key scenes :eek:

The real stunts were just ok but not visually impressive. The Halo jump may have taken Cruise 106 takes to get about 3 mins screen time but its just an uninteresting A-B plot mechanic & nowhere near as effective as the Moonraker scene where Roger Moore gets pushed out of the plane at the start! Cruise doing his own dangerous stunts is great but it really adds nothing to the movie entertainment wise.

The story makes perfect sense but requires more thought than most not to follow but to understand the character motivations. Christopher McQuarrie does a solid job directing & writing. The way he makes the movie flow naturally & allow you to take the geography in without getting lost in a frenzied jump cut is something I wish more modern directors could adhere to.

Its not really possible to say too much about the actors without giving major spoilers away. This movie is best viewed with minimal advance knowledge.

Henry Cavill is simply perfect in his role as a brutal but not the smartest guy in the room CIA operator. One of the best new characters ever introduced to the MI series.

Vanessa Kirby is another new addition & in her small role she is again perfect & very memorable.

Ving Rhames has his biggest role in the franchise since MI1 & really carries several parts of the movie in an emotional way.

Tom Cruise is a little lonelier, a little sadder & you do not really learn anything new about the Ethan Hunt character that has not already been explained offscreen in previous MI entries.

Rebecca Ferguson is a little wasted here she is not given much to do & feels more like a they wanted her back so gave her a role. Same as Simon Pegg he does not have that much to do (Luther gets most of his part) even though he is present for many scenes its not really about him at all.

The other actors all have small roles so not much to say about them. Angela Bassett is perfect in a small role as the CIA boss but only really has a few scenes its a walk on cameo same as Alec Baldwin. Fine actors but the story does not really have any room to give them more screen time. The film is 147 mins long & the first 20 mins or so is just non action setup.

Overall its a worthy movie in the franchise it ticks most boxes but its just not quite as entertaining as Rogue Nation because it lacks a little something extra in a few scenes & tries really hard to strip all the glamour away & be a modern Bond movie.