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By vfx fan
AQUAMAN trailer.

It actually looks to have some pretty impressive production and plenty of creature work. I wonder who was involved with the shot at 1:12? That was gorgeous. I'm guessing Scanline was involved with the water sims because they seem to be the go-to guys for that.
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By TylerMirage
Definitely some solid work in the trailer. Great water and creature stuff. The DCEU movies have seemingly had consistently 'pretty good' VFX work across Man of Steel, BvS, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman (Justice League being the exception because of the rocky production problems and reshoots being shoddy), but they've always had something that prevented them from being 100% photoreal like other movies. Man of Steel has some truly amazing work, followed up by some B- stuff. I usually chalk it up to just that "dirty dish cloth" aesthetic style, but I also don't think it's a coincidence that Aquaman looks to have the best VFX of those movies and is also the first one that ILM is involved in (unless I'm mistaken). ;)
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By TylerMirage
And now the final trailer:

Looks visually spectacular.
Agreed. I love the scope and scale of it. Not to mention the stellar cast. I know a lot of people give the DCEU/Snyder flak for being GRIMDARKSERIOUSBRO (which isn't a criticism without merit), especially with their portrayal of Aquaman when compared to his Golden Age/Silver Age "I talk to fish lolz" persona, but Momoa as Aquaman seems to going for the more "Outrageous!" Batman: The Brave and the Bold depiction. Just that middle ground between hammy and light-hearted but also cool and bad@$$.