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The Cybertron opening came late in post and was done in about six weeks, start to finish. :eek:
Doesn't take long to animate characters when they have no sense of scale or weight. *ba-dum-tssh*

But regardless, that is a massively impressive feat. Six weeks for a 2.5 minute, entirely CG sequence? I can imagine the all-nighters...
Those close-ups of Bumblebee never fail to make my mouth drop at their photorealism. :omg:

Interesting that they CG'd Hailee's arms in that shot at 1:25. Anyone have any guesses as to why?

EDIT: Nevermind. If I bothered to look closely, I would've seen the wrappings on her elbow that they digitally removed.

Such a shame that this couldn't have been included in the Blu-Ray's lacklustre special features.