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Cool, so now we get to here some pretentious Mangold quotes about how the most mundane scenes were accomplished "for real".

"I wanted to go for reality. We actually filmed Boba Fett in the armor. That's not CGI. When he's sitting at the Mos Eisley bar lounge waiting for his contact to show up, it's all real. His armor, the bar stool, the drink in his hand, all done for real."

(He did this a lot on his The Wolverine and Logan BTS)
Is the belief that SW fans so desperate for more product that they'll pay to watch Fett pull wings off flies for 2 hours? Cuz unless they are going to make him compellingly complex (like, say, Garak in Deep Space Nine), I can't imagine wanting to watch Boba Fett for any period of time. A less funny and even more two dimensional version of Stallone's JUDGE DREDD, sans ethics, ain't my cup of tea.

I'd be a lot more interested in seeing earlier outings with the NOSTROMO crew, or better still, previous missions with the Marines from ALIENS.
Wake me up when we get the Ewoks origin movie directed by David Lynch :wink: Star Wars needs to seriously go away for about 20 years now its well over exposed. Until the product loses Disney a LOT of money they are going to keep churning these out like the bland Marvel movies :frown:
I think the only way for this to work for an entire film is to have a great supporting cast. It has to really connect to the larger Star Wars story. It wont work with just The Man with No Name for two hours. Well, it could if it actually was Clint and Sergio doing it but... :D

And there is really no way Star Wars is going back into carbon freeze. If anything, when the ownership of the prequel films reverts to Disney from Fox in the next decade, we will likely see more.