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There's a reason why Barba ankled the Vancouver Creative Director gig and returned to LA.

What is that?

I'm not talking a massive facility. I mean small but adequate to support films akin to what they did with their old ILMCP and little shingle for Cowboys and Aliens.
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By ShaneP
Are there tax breaks in L.A.?:))
i don't know , but i fear that They will leave soon SF.
:lol: Well....

I'm not saying they are leaving SF and returning to LA but could they be opening another LA studio again like they have in the past.
I was referring to the fact that nowadays almost all the work is done in London, Vancouver and Singapore( see also the Ready Player One article you posted ). London is becoming the new headquarter .
While I agree there has been a large shift in work overseas in the last decade, there are still limitations to that because a large talent base is located in the Bay area and likely will stay that way as long as tech companies are located in Palo Alto and up into the San Francisco peninsula. There are only so many people who can just uproot their lives and families and move overseas. So until and unless large amounts of tech companies start moving en masse overseas out of Silicon Valley, I expect ILM to remain in SF. It makes sense for them to tap into the talent base there and that's also where their legacy is.

In fact, I think they should be back in LA. They should have a presence there. It's too bad they didnt buy or lease the old Van Nuys ILM/Apogee facility, renovate it, and put their little studio there.
I hope you are right about ILM and The Presidio, Shane.
I hope so too. But you never know with corporations chasing the almighty dollar to the ends of the Earth.

By the way, there is a very specific reason why I asked this question but am waiting for confirmation before expanding on it further.
So I started this thread well over a year ago and thought this was going to happen. I still think this is really happening. We should very soon have at least a little ILM shingle again doing mocap akin to what they had for Rango(Hickel mentioned they brought Depp into it for the film).

Frankly, it makes sense with the number of films made there. And ILM is working with a few very high profile people on some projects that it would make sense if they had a more permanent presence there.