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By Kmart
We had a UK poster with a tremendous knowledge of SUPERMAN and Meddings and all things UK in-camera a number of years back. Was wondering if anybody knew if he hangs out on some board currently. Am doing a profile on Chris Corbould for VFXVOICE -- to replace a STAR TREK DISCOVERY piece that, four months into discussions with CBS, still wasn't even approved -- and was hoping to touch base with AHEM to review some details of Corbould's early career (I didn't realize till just now that he goes all the way back to THE EAGLE HAS LANDED and those OTT Ken Russell musicals.)

As always, any help would be much appreciated,

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By ShaneP
I remember him very well and his input here is missed.

I went looking for him a while back and googled him but the only Ahem I found was clearly not him unless he had undergone a brain transplant.

It's too bad as he knew a shitload of stuff about UK films.
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By vfx fan
I remember him bitching about Superman and Sony Imageworks. Good times. Frankly, I've wondered where he went myself, but I'm just not as well-connected as Shane to figure it out.

On another note, Kmart, are you interviewing any of the fx crew for MOTHER! anytime soon? I disliked the movie, but the fx work made for a more interesting analysis than the symbolic meaning of the movie itself.
By Kmart
I did pitch covering MOTHER to a couple places, but no takers. Probably wouldn't have worked anyway, have had zero luck with previous stories involving that DP. IRON MAN 2 and NOAH both were assigned by ICG and ultimately didn't happen (the latter AFTER I had already interviewed 7 people in the camera crew, and only then -- 10 weeks after being contacted -- the DP remembered that he promised AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER an exclusive.) I think COWBOYS & ALIENS may have been another that didn't happen. All of those would have been cinematography-only stories anyway -- since 2009, ILM PR won't let me talk to anybody there (only exception was BATTLESHIP, and I think the director or the studio made that happen, as I didn't have to go through ILM PR at all.)

VFXVOICE recently offered to have me do a profile on Craig Hammack, but I had to let them down gently for the above reason. Probably going to do Chris Corbould instead (this is a replacement for the STAR TREK DISCOVERY story that I had been chasing since May ... after delaying from fall to winter issue, and only then hearing that CBS still hadn't decided whether or not to allow VFX interviews, VFXVOICE decided to move on. Can't say that I blame them. Have spent more time calling and emailing CBS about DSC and Fox about THE ORVILLE -- no traction there either -- than it takes to WRITE most stories.

Other issue recently regarding vfx stories is that some places aren't allowing stories unless they run after the release, and in some cases, they don't want to even do interviews until after the release (for TWIN PEAKS, both cinematography and VFX have been moratoriumed till just a couple weeks ago when the show finished its run.) I had to do STRANGER THINGS for DV and BLADE RUNNER for ICG as cinematography-only pieces because they wouldn't make VFX available in time, so will have to see if that is a trend (wasn't a problem earlier in year for AMERICAN GODS or OKJA or DEFENDERS or LEGION, thank god.)
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By ShaneP
If ILM working on their first Bond film didn't pull Ahem out of the woodwork I'm not sure what would. Knowing his real name would probably be a good start.

I also remember his lively discussion with splinebender leading to a short war of words. :lol: Great times.