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By ShaneP
In celebration of this film's 25th anniversary, vfx supervisor Ken Ralston and vfx art director Doug Chiang took a look back at the film. Here is Chiang's talk with Yahoo Movies: ... 37625.html

and here is Ian Failes' of vfxblogs chat with Ralston: ... ston-20th/

Lots of good behind the scenes pics and concept art in both pieces.

The film would garner Ralston his third Oscar for Best Vfx(he was also a recipient of a Special Achievement Oscar for Return of the Jedi in '84).

Note: The film also features some clever animatronic effects by ADI.
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By Kmart
It WAS released, about 15 months back. I'm still bummed they never used Cinefex 52 as a bonus on the laserdisc ... I did watch the streaming version about ten days back, and it looked pretty good (first time I ever got through the movie without nodding off.)
My first memory of this film was watching the Movie Magic episode featuring the film and Ken Ralston. When they shot Streep at ILM for some of the shots they also shot a separate practical ponytail they comped in behind Streep as her real one was found lacking. Was never much of a fan of the film though. Probably one of my least favorite Zemeckis films. Great vfx work though.
I didn't get my hands on the Cinefex issue until the Summer of '94 when I ordered a entire box load of back issues. Wasn't a subscriber until the The Nightmare Before Christmas issue in '93 so I had missed several issues.

My favorite use of Cinefex materials is still the Ghostbusters DVD written commentary by Shay.