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By PaulILMFan
Looks fantastic Spielberg is bringing a serious 80s vibe to the trailer alone some very memorable cameos from 1980s pop culture icons :thumbup:

Looks visually like a cross between AI & Minority Report but some of those 80s cameos are just :omg: shame its not out until 2018 but I think this is going to be the Spielberg popcorn cinematic event of this decade :eek: VFX look fantastic as well ILM & Digital Domain are the main vendors it seems the work in the trailer looks pretty incredible :D
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By vfx fan
...then suddenly, every millennial started jerking off...

The BACK TO THE FUTURE cues at the end of the trailer was a nice touch.
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By PaulILMFan
Way too much was given away again :( Hope it does not rely too much on the VR world sequences they look pretty weak although seeing Chuckie was fun & more DeLorean shots is always welcome. That car plays a major part in the movie so its great Silvestri is also composer as John Williams was busy doing Star Bores 8 & The Post.
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By ShaneP
I watched that first trailer I linked to but am foregoing further ones because I don't want to see too much. I want to go in as fresh as possible.

I will come back once the film is out and peek at this stuff.

Blackout commencing in 3...2...1.