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vfx blog has a great look back interview with Eric Brevig about the vfx for MIB.

This piece confirms Kevin Martin's suggestion that Cinovation built a full scale Edgar puppet for the finale that was changed at the last minute to an all CG one.

There is also a retro look back at the music video for the MIB theme song by Will Smith shot by ILMCP's Robert Caruso: ... 97-1018432

Check out the ILM storyboards at the bottom of the article.


*side note: Caruso and ILMCP would work on two music videos for Will Smith and the MIB soundtrack: Men in Black and Just Cruisin.


And check this interview out with ILM alum Mark Setrakian about his work with Rick Baker on MIB. Goes into some detail about how the Rosenberg alien was created, along with ILM's own control booth he sat in. Love this sequence. ... re-effects