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Ian interviews John Berton about the innovative work on 1999s The Mummy. It's a great read with really terrific behind the scenes concept art and miniature photography provided by the film's Vfx Art Director, Alex Laurant. Fantastic look back at the great accomplishments for that film.
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Cool read, Shane. :)

I always felt that Sommers' first Mummy movie was underappreciated, both as a fun romp and for its VFX. Sommers has that unfortunate habit on including some less-than-stellar VFX work in his films, but The Mummy is easily the strongest in that regard.

We need some retroactive "Making Of" books for movies in the past. These days are pretty good for those kinds of books, but I would kill for a big ol' 200 page Art of/Making of book for movies like The Mummy, Jurassic Park, Van Helsing, Godzilla '98, the Burton/Schumacher Batman movies, etc..
"I want to know what ILM was involved with in the reboot."

ILM did the fully CG shots of the Mummy Princess when she first appears all emaciated with the rats.

The mommy Mummy.


By the way, even though this film did poorly in NA, it is doing pretty well worldwide.