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Yes vfxfan I remember you wondering that. Good call.

But I do have a question about the articles. Why are they confusing two different methodologies? It is talking about the Tarkin ILM work and the Lola work for Marvel. From what I understand about Lola's process, which is admittedly limited, Lola's work is not like what ILM did with Rogue One and Digital Domain did with Clu for Tron: Legacy.

Still, one of the articles quotes De Niro working with ILM so that is good evidence of ILM's involvement.

They will have to refine their Rogue One work though because, I'm sorry, we are talking about one of the greatest actors of all-time with De Niro and ILM will have to up their game substantially to reach that level.

They can do it! :D