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Needs more of that sweet, sweet Transformers/fast furious styling. Who wants great shot design and mindfulness when you can have screaming and incomprehensible mayhem? Give me a hate filled corruption of humanity for my short term gratification over this reminder that beauty exists.
Here is a really awesome video showing the Vulptex, or crystal fox, for SW:TLJ. ... -last-jedi

I really hope we see more of a hybrid approach with CG enhancements onto an animatronic in the same shot instead of the standard animatronic closeup cut. CG full shot cut. etc. Or, even worse, all-CG(except for the really top notch CG work out there).

Both approaches simply don't work(in most cases).

So I hope this video means we will see the synthesis of both crafts in the same shots rather than the old division.