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Ian at Cartoon Brew has an interview with my favorite vfx supervisor of all-time, Ken Ralston. Great interview with Ralston covering his career and challenges. Worked on so many great films, especially the Zemeckis decade-plus long stretch from Back to the Future to Contact. Remarkable work contained in all of the BTTF films, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Death Becomes Her, Forrest Gump, and Contact. Wow. Only Dennis Muren's run with Amblin and Jim Cameron during that same time comes close.

Ralston talks about the never made Zemeckis Houdini film that was in development or years. I remember at one point right after Forrest Gump that was being rumored to be the next Ralston/Zmeckis collaboration.

He also talks about his feelings of The Polar Express. Refreshingly honest appraisal about the film and its shortcomings. ... qus_thread

I agree about his assessment towards superhero films too. They are so ubiquitous at this point, it's just numbing. Too bad because there's great stuff still being done vfx-wise(Dr. Strange is a case in point). Nice to see him single out Ex Machina, Children of Men, The Revenant, and,yes, The Jungle Book for praise. Haters gonna hate on The Jungle Book! :mrgreen:

A great interview with a great talent.