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By Kmart
Lotsa large aircraft miniatures, R/C ones as I recall from pics online last year. Maybe Mike Fulmer's old wish of seeing a big WW II air battle fought with a fleet of R/C will finally come to pass? (I know that ain't likely, they were probably crash miniatures.)
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By ShaneP
Oh geez, I didn't know those were miniatures in those shots. I would love the see that!

I remember reading about Fulmer's dream after making Always of R/C dogfights.

Was that your article in Cinefex K?
By Kmart
Yeah, that was my first article ever, before that had only sold three laserdisc reviews to Tower Video Collector magazine (not many folks remember that one) and got an offer to pitch at TNG around when the article got turned in.

Only four interviews and what had to have been one of the shortest articles they had done up till that point (maybe TOP GUN was shorter?), but took something like 8 months to do, because ILM folks were all tied up on location doing DIE HARD 2 (Vaz was able to get hold of them though, so it must have just been me not knowing how to be persistent.)

Pretty sure Fulmer or Bill George was first interviewee, and had a great interview with physical effects guy Mike Wood who kept saying ST5 wasn't Shatner's fault, that the producers really dropped the ball all the way through with respect to supporting him.

Fulmer told me that they used reworked bobble head dolls in plane cockpits to add a bit of animation to figures, but Morris had them take that out before publication, saying it wasn't true. Have always wondered about that ...

They never could put Joe Johnston on the phone with me, and it wasn't till the last 5 years that I finally got to speak with him (tried very hard for 'formation of ILM' article in issue 65 too, unsuccessfully) ... first question I wanted to ask was, why did it take more than two decades to get you on the phone?