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Here is the link to Silence's first trailer:

Appears to be perhaps a few vfx shots: one with the characters in foreground overlooking the town and harbors beyond. Very nice. The other is an overhead shot of a boat traveling through the water.

Looks good. Adam Driver, Neeson, Scorsese and even Garfield. I'm there. 8)
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Oh come on. No link? No soup for you! :p

Here's the link: ... ght-magic/

Funny Vincent asks him what his next project is and he says he hopes to be able to announce it soon. :lol: I think he said that last interview! I think we already know Pablo! :mrgreen:

Wow two and a half years and 700 shots. All out of Vancouver too. They are really pushing that locale now heavy. Brought back Michael Beaulieu as an animation supervisor out of there as well late last year.

I hope to see Silence ASAP. These types of vfx are my personal favorites even though I love the fun spectacle stuff in how it is done too. I just usually prefer films that have more subtle or invisible vfx. I hope Pablo gets a chance to work with Scorsese again.
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I have seen this interesting film. 700 vfx shots? I have noticed only an aerial view of a ship on the ocean that looked a bit CG( but i'm not even sure). Pretty seamless work.
Nice ninja! Yes, that ship shot is mentioned in the article I linked to. Pablo talks about it. The ocean is actually a plate at the beginning with a CG boat.

here's a bit:
Can you explain in detail about the shot that started from a boat and ends over the clouds?

The shot started with an idea that Marty had sketched it on a piece of paper. The idea was to create a transition shot that would take the characters from Macau to Japan. In a kind of time lapse, we start…

Go to the link in my post for the rest. It's a good read.I'm sure now you've watched it it will even inform more of your view. 8)