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The Art of VFX interviews Richard Bluff for ILM's work on the film: ... ght-magic/

Some bits:

Bluff worked on the film for 20 months. Around 100 ILMers worked on just under 400 shots on the film from SF, London and Vancouver locales.
ILM did the New York mirror dimension,Hong Kong time reversal, and New York inner sanctum first reveal sequences and also look development on the Eldritch whip weapon and Astral projection magic.
Sounds like Bluff is also working on something SW-related as his next project.

Great in-depth article from Mike Seymour at Fxguide detailing the vfx work done by ILM, Framestore, Method,Luma and others. Nice before and afters too. ... r-in-time/

And also at fxguide, a podcast with Production vfx supervisor Stephane Ceretti: ... e-ceretti/

Very nice coverage at both ArtofVfx and FxGuide. 8)
Solid and well executed VFX, but left me completely cold, for some reason. I also found the movie mediocre at best.
Completely agreed. Insert obligatory "I liked the movie better when it was Iron Man"-response. :lol:

It was just another example of Marvel's "can't stray too far from the formula so let's keeping pumping the same stuff out"-mindset. :-?