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Here is a story about Lucas' new proposal for his museum on Treasure Island on the bay. Not just in the Bay area but actually on the bay. ... t/1576458/

I've been to the Presidio and I can't understand where he would have had room to put it there unless it was in an existing building or set of ones.

Once he was turned down by the Presidio Trust, then he went wild with the design and this is a revision of that same art deco look that he had proposed for Chicago.

Here are some picots for the Treasure Island site:
The one on the left is an aerial shot of TI, with second one Lucas' proposal on the site:
Image Image

LA is also being proposed as an alternative but it really belongs in SF.
That site in Marin was for a digital studio not a museum. The original site for the museum was in the Presidio but the Trust rejected it so he went looking elsewhere, and ended up in Chicago. That was later rejected so now he's back in CA.